Monday, May 11, 2009

What are the first things to bloom in Spring?

I know forsythia and cherry blossums do, but are there things which bloom before then?

What are the first things to bloom?

What is the thing that most gardners look for to tell them it is Spring?

***** Also when the forsythia blooms, is this the best time to put down pre-emergant on the lawn?

What are the first things to bloom in Spring?
I believe that Crocus are one of the first flowers to bloom in many locations. I usually see mine first popping up through the snow. I spread a bunch of them into my front lawn. Looks way cool. The plant usually goes dormant before I need to mow, and they let me know that spring is here.

Depending on which variety of forsythia, yes (some bloom later). As a general rule, around the time when the earliest variety starts to bloom, is usually a good time to apply it since the weeds will usually be starting to sprout soon afterwards.

sometimes they bloom before the snow is gone.
Reply:Daffodils and tulips are what I look for.
Reply:Snowdrops bloom in England very early, hence the name.
Reply:My Camillia is an early bloomer.
Reply:The first things that bloomed for me were my paper-white daffodils and crocus. Crocus will start blooming while there is still snow on the ground, but it is a good way to know spring is on the way. The best time to put down your pre-emergent is when you see the very first weeds starting to grow. You have to look really closely every day. You can't do it when a specific plant starts to bloom because, with all the different varieties of that plant, they do not all start blooming at the same time. So just play it by eye.
Reply:I believe that Helleborus is the first plant to bloom in the Spring or,depending on where you live, the last plant to bloom in the Winter. The different cultivars vary in time of bloom but always beat the daffodils and crocus in Zone 7. My daffodils are just coming up and budding but I have had Helleborus in bloom since very early January. In addition, they remain green all year and don't require a lot of sun. What's not to like?
Reply:bloomin onions!
Reply:mine were always crocus, then tulips, daffodils, and a couple types of lillies

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