Monday, May 11, 2009

Question about frost for all you gardners out there?

i had no idea it was going to frost last night, but it did. will my newly planted forsythia bush be ok?? we also planted some vegetables (in containers) a few days ago and they are outside as well.

Question about frost for all you gardners out there?
You forsythia will laugh at the frost. Ever heard the expression "Three snows after the forsythia blooms"?

In general, woody shrubs and trees are fine. If a frost is preceded by warm weather, and the plants have pushed out new tender growth, the new growth may be nipped. Tight buds will be just fine. They formed in the winter, they're built for frost.

Light frosts are also no great danger to cool weather veggies that have been acclimated. If you just planted some that have spent the previous few weeks in a greenhouse, they might get nipped.

Tender veggies that don't get put out until after frost might get killed. Just see what bounces back this afternoon.
Reply:As a gardener you do have to be aware of frost reports. In this case I am confident your forsythia will be okay, because it's nearly impossible to kill forsythia. In regard to your veggies, they might have suffered but you won't know for a few days. In general veggies (except for root crops like carrots and onions, leeks etc.) aren't supposed to be planted until after the frost-free date in your area. If a frost is predicted, you can cover plants with an old sheet overnight, but be sure to remove the sheet in the morning.
Reply:if you have a frost and you did not cover up water the plants to knock off the this as soon as you can.your veggies may be smoked.I took a hard frost last year and with a little water was fine.

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